CHARACTER CHARACTER We treat each other and build relationships with the highest of moral and ethical standards and honesty. We drive results by ensuring that we not only talk about our intentions, but support them with our actions.
COLLABORATION COLLABORATION We value the unique differences and experiences each employee brings to the company and are committed to providing an environment of acceptance, tolerance, and mutual respect. We know that curiosity, innovation, and finding different ways of doing things together are vital to the success of our business.
COMMITMENT COMMITMENT We are committed to improving each other and the company by working together to find solutions. We also recognize that while disagreeing and debating an issue are an important part of working together, ultimately supporting the final decision is necessary to achieve our goals.
COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION We recognize the importance of clear, concise communication. We actively listen and seek input from others to ensure understanding and tailor our message to our audience, encouraging integrity and authenticity in every interaction.
SUSTAINABILITY SUSTAINABILITY At Clearwater Paper, sustainability is everyone's responsibility. Our employees continue to find opportunities to help us reduce water use, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and solid waste. Learn more here.
GIVING BACK GIVING BACK We have a long history of working with our hometowns to help make our communities stronger. Our facilities have contribution committees responsible for supporting their local organizations in four priority areas: education, environment, social services, and the arts.