A companywide commitment to
sustainability and compliance.

We are committed to operating a company that is both economically and environmentally sustainable. That's why we constantly consider the long-term effects of our work—from the use of raw materials to operation of our facilities. It is why we strive to meet or exceed the complex and stringent environmental regulations that govern our facilities. And it is why we invest substantial resources in efforts to reduce our environmental impact. We don't claim to have all the answers, and we believe sustainability is a journey rather than a destination. We are committed to minimizing our effect on the environment in a way that is forward-thinking—an approach reflected in our three key environmental policies.

Our Sustainability Policy

Business activities at Clearwater Paper consider and value the current and future impacts of obtaining our raw materials and operating our facilities. We will evaluate and manage the long-term impacts of our decisions as we meet our customers' requirements for tissue, pulp and paperboard products.

Our Environmental Governance Policy

Our goal is to be in continual compliance with all regulatory programs that apply to our operations.

Our Environmental Performance Policy

We will continually invest resources in strategies and projects that reduce our environmental footprint associated with air, water, waste and the emission of greenhouse gases.

Facility and product certifications.

Our facilities and products have been certified by the following programs:

Sustainable Forestry Initiative FSC

Forest Stewardship Council

Paperboard, tissue products and lumber

Sustainable Forestry Initiative


Environmental Performance Reporting

Clearwater Paper will begin its first online environment performance report in 2012, culminating in our first corporate sustainability report in 2013.