Our Approach to Sustainability

Our Sustainability Commitment

Our products can provide more sustainable alternatives to products made from non-renewable resources. Wood, the primary raw material used in our products -in the form of chips, sawdust, pulp, and logs- is a 100 percent renewable and commonly recycled resource. We only procure wood and wood pulp from sustainable sources.

We believe in careful utilization of our limited natural resources and understand our role in conserving and protecting the planet's air, water and land, and in managing climate change risk. We also believe that the people components of employee safety, diversity, human rights, consumer protection and strong systems of internal procedures and controls help drive high performance for our stakeholders, employees and communities.

Our Management Approach


The foundation of our sustainability management approach is built on our core values of character, collaboration, commitment and communication. Collaboration with our many stakeholders helps us to define focus areas that benefit the planet, local communities and our business for the long term. Our investors and stakeholders' care about the long-term view regarding the sustainability of our products and how we produce them.

We support the principles of a circular economy and apply a management systems approach in each of our focus areas to support priorities and goals. We utilize Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Reporting Principles as the framework for our reporting and are committed to sharing our ESG performance results and encourage open dialogue and feedback that helps make us better. GRI details can be found at clearwaterpaper.com

Driven by Purpose

Aligned with our core values, we have integrated sustainability principles into our operations.

Clearwater Paper Corporation (NYSE: CLW) is a $1.8B company with 3,300 employees that manufactures quality consumer tissue, away-from-home tissue, parent roll tissue, paperboard and pulp at manufacturing and converting locations across the nation.